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To use a Contact Lens King coupon, there is no need to copy or write down a coupon code. All coupons for this vendor are activated automatically when you click the links below. Unfortunately, there are not too many special promotions offered by Contact Lens King at this time, but the good news is that they already offer pretty low everyday prices, especially when you buy more than 4 boxes at once. The free shipping offer is the best deal at the moment, especially since there is no minimum order to take advantage of it.

LensStreet's Rating of Contact Lens King

contact lens kingProduct Selection: A
Coupon Selection: C+
Price Competitiveness: B+
Overall Score: B *

Guidelines for Using a Contact Lens King Coupon

Contact Lens King functions in much the same way as other online contact lens stores. To place your order, you need to input some information about your contact lenses. This information is avaiable on your contact lens box or your prescription. Before your order is processed, you will need to provide verification of your prescription. This can be done by faxing a copy of your prescription to them directly, or by providing information about your eye doctor (location and name) so that they can verify the prescription on your behalf. If you have the prescription handy, faxing a copy will ensure that your order is processed more quickly.

Like its competitor, AC Lens, Contact Lens King offers free shipping on all orders, which is a nice benefit to those who place small orders frequently.

Vendor Video Spotlight

Contact Lens King does not yet have a Youtube channel, but when they do, we will feature their videos below. In the meantime, if you are new to wearing contact lenses, you may want to view this video on how to put in and remove contacts:


Go to this link if you would like to read more about the history of contact lens king.

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