Lens.com Coupon Codes for May 2019

Lens.com is one of our favorite contact lens stores because it offers both low everyday prices as well as a good selection of online coupons you can take advantage of. At a minimum, there always seems to be at least one Lens.com coupon that will give you instant savings of $15 or more on top of free shipping. You will save more money if you order 4 or more boxes at a time, so we encourage you to purchase in bulk. Using your FSA if you have one will also contribute to increased savings.

LensStreet's Rating of Lens.com

Lens.com promo codeProduct Selection: A
Coupon Selection: A
Price Competitiveness: A-
Overall Score: A- *

How to Use a Lens.com Coupon

All Lens.com coupons require copying and pasting a coupon code at the checkout screens. The code will automatically be copied when you click on any of the yellow coupon links above. You can then paste in the code when you are asked for it during checkout. If you prefer, you may also choose to write down the code and enter it in when requested.

Before using the promo code, you'll need to log in or create a Lens.com account. Once you do, you will be able to proceed to the checkout screen. The image below shows you what the checkout screen looks like. You need to click the link that reads "Have an Order Code?"

checkout screen 1

Once you click that link, you will see a field appear, where you can enter the code and receive your discount:

checkout screen 2

The coupon will be applied instantly, and your savings will be subtracted from your order total. Note the expiration date of any Lens.com offer code you use. Most coupon codes are only good for about a month. We will of course have all the most current Lens.com promo codes listed on this page at all times.

It is in your best interest to place the largest order possible when you shop at Lens.com. Placing large orders helps you in two important ways:

  1. Lens.com offers more favorable pricing when you place large orders. We recommend placing orders for a 1-year supply of contact lenses, as this will bring down the price you pay per box significantly.
  2. If your order is of sufficient quantity, you will receive free shipping on your order.
  3. The larger your order, the more you're likely to save with coupons (up to 10% of more).

Videos About Lens.com

Lens.com has its own Youtube channel, but its main purpose seems to be promoting its more unusual contact lenses, such as its "psycho contact lenses" or "zombie contact lenses" (See below). Such lenses might come handy during Halloween, so you might want to bookmark their channel if you're into that sort of thing.

People who are new to using contact lenses should focus on watching videos that cover topics such as contact lens care and how to insert contact lenses the right way. Below are a few videos that will help new contact lens users learn the ropes on how to use contact lenses properly.


Other Benefits of Using Lens.com

If you've spent any time visiting contact lens stores online, you'll probably notice that almost all of them claim to offer the lowest prices. You really need to do your own comparison shopping if you want to find out who really has the lowest price. To make matters more confusing, the store that has the lowest price for one brand of contact lenses may not have the lowest price for a different brand. And last but not least, you need to compare what kind of discounts you can get using coupons if you want to compare apples to apples.

Fortunately, we've done some of the legwork for you, and compared four different, popular brands of contact lenses over several popular stores. Our findings were that Lens.com on average offers the best prices for the majority of brands. This doesn't mean you shouldn't still do your own research, but if you are short on time, we recommend using Lens.com and taking advantage of promo codes as a shortcut to getting a good price on your lenses.

Since Lens.com has been around for some time, they are a trustworthy vendor you can count on. We've placed numerous orders with them over the years and never once encountered an issue. They do prescription verifications fairly quickly, and you can usually expect to receive your orders in a week or less.

What's more, the store uses secure shopping technology, ensuring that your customer information remains safe at all times. The online store is quite user friendly, and offers all the ecommerce features you'd expect from larger stores like Amazon. Some of the features you will be able to take advantage of as a customer include easy re-ordering, order tracking, and a toll-free support line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More so than other stores, Lens.com seems devoted to customer service, and offers both a money back guarantee as well as a hassle-free return policy. For all these reasons, we believe this store is one of the best places to shop for contact lenses online.

Remember to bookmark this page to always have access to the latest Lens.com coupon. Offers change almost every month, so check back often to get the latest deals on contact lenses.

Page content by Marlene Clarkson

* We test each site to generate our ratings. To determine price competitiveness, we compare prices for several popular brands across different vendors. Prices are compared before any coupons are applied.

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